Pursuing the taste of the terroir

A unique personality

The personality and style of our wines are determined by our soil, the autochthonous grape varieties – i.e. Grenache and Carignan – and the organic viticulture, which enhances biodiversity and our life at the winery.

Growing on carboniferous slates that contain marine fossils, we produce wines with high expression of minerality that gives them a different and unique personality. 

Ecological philosophy

Traditional and modern

Focused on the philosophy of pursuing quality without compromise, we do not use any chemical products in our vineyards or during the winemaking process. And we always select autochthonous or indigenous yeasts. We practice traditional techniques combined with the latest technology, thus creating an interesting mix between traditional and modern.

At the wine cellar, we work with a minimum of sulfite, just enough to guarantee the stability of the wine. We deliberately keep the levels low so as not to affect sulfite-sensitive consumers.

Additionally, we do not use any animal products as we respect the cycle of life. We proudly consider ourselves a producer of vegan wines.

Garage wine

The DOQ Priorat wine cellar

Surrounded by vineyards and nature, our wine cellar produces “garage wines” and is equipped to carry out all processes on-site. Our winery is located 1.5 km from the village of El Molar. 

Garage wine

The MWEM wine cellar

The Mountain Wines wine cellar is in the heart of the historic center of El Molar. This authentic wine cellar has been there for decades. Ongoing upgrading processes ensure that we use the best and most modern production and bottling processes, both in terms of hygiene and technology. 

Vinification by separate parcelsplots

Micro vinification

In our wine cellars we use wine tanks of different sizes: the larger tanks for the assemblage (i.e. blending of wines) and the smaller ones for the micro vinification of our top wines.

The cellars have a three-stage air conditioning system to cater to the differing needs.