Team at Grifoll Declara

With a vision for today and tomorrow

The team behind the Grifoll Declara wines is young with an excellent technical education, a deep understanding of the world of wines and, above all, a great enthusiasm for their work and customers. We want to share our passion with our clients, who more and more are looking for wines that are unique and exciting. 

Whether it is on our vineyards, in our wine cellars or beyond, our team takes great pride in taking care of our vines and wines – on a daily basis.

Based on the pillars of sustainability, Grifoll Declara makes an unwavering commitment to the local community, environmental protection, innovation, research and sustainability.

We support the economic and social development of the rural environment by providing employment and well-being, and by respecting the natural resources. We establish lasting commitments with our suppliers and contractors. At Grifoll Declara, we understand that our business success is directly linked to the personal and professional development opportunities of every person who works with us. Thus, we feel it is important to base the relationships with our employees on transparency, loyalty, responsibility and longevity.

Meet some of our team that makes it all possible


Roger Grifoll Declara

CEO, Enologist


Pol Grifoll Declara

Spain sales


Josep Grifoll Salvadó

Director of Viticulture


María del Carmen
Declara Julián



Carolo Dumont de Chassart

International Sales


Alexandru Florin

Cellar Master


Joan Vernet Muntañola



Jordi Perello Bargallo



José Declara Julián



Ikumi Harada

Sales Asia, Designs



Harvest Decision Maker /
Head of Public Relations


Merlot Jr.

Apprentice Harvest Decision Maker / Public Relations

A future project

El Molar, an ancient village

El Molar is a village with history: one of the most important archaeological sites of the Iberian Peninsula was detected in El Molar, which included “treasures” of the country’s history. 

The Iberian village

Monte Calvario

Located 500 meters from our Mountain Wines wine cellar and in the heart of El Molar, remnants of a 3000-year-old village were found including informative treasures, such as vases, grape seeds or fossilized olive oil. So, you can say that agriculture has influenced the past, present and future of El Molar.

Todays project

For future generations

Just like in other rural areas, our village is at risk of depopulation and aging (of the population). Today, less than 280 people live in El Molar. 

This depopulation that we have seen happening in the Priorat region was a wake-up call that set in motion a new plan to prevent El Molar from abandonment.

Most of our team are locals from El Molar, who have decided to return with their families to rural life after completing their studies and professional development. 

This project, together with our commitment to protect our environment, we complete an important social cycle and head towards a further objective: sustainability. 

Our focus is on local sustainability to protect our environment and rural region. In doing so, we concentrate on our most important assets that are our environment and our team.