Ecological and conventional viticulture

The tradition of our ancestors

At Grifoll Declara, we believe in organic viticulture for all our DOQ Priorat and MWEM estates. We always respect the environment and don’t use any chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides.

Just like our ancestors, we like the philosophy of traditional winemaking practices with respect for our nature and environment. Our goal, besides growing high-quality grapes, is to maintain soil health and to be mindful of the environment. 



A good wine is born from a good grape

During the ripening process, we keep checking the grapes to determine the best point of time to begin with the harvest, which usually lasts from the beginning of September until the end of October.

With all our harvesting done by hand at the point of perfect ripeness, our wine specialists make a first selection in the vineyards before picking the individual grapes. For greater temperature and hygiene control, we then place the grapes in sterilized boxes that hold a maximum of 15 kilos each. The process takes less than three hours from the moment the grape is harvested until it reaches our wine cellars.

Carignan and Grenache, ambassadors of our terroir

Tradicional grapes of Priorat






Grenache blanc

The “Sexual Confusion “ method

The fight against vineyard pests and diseases has gone through different phases over the centuries. Industrialization led to mass production of wine, which in turn meant that industrial pesticides and herbicides had to be applied in large quantities and without any phytosanitary limitations to control vine diseases.

As we respect nature and want to maintain soil and ecosystem integrity, we do not want to apply any phytosanitary products – even though it would be more cost efficient and we would need less staff.

One of the most recurring threats to the vine is the Cluster Moth (Lobesia botrana), which attacks the vine from different sides and at different stages of the vegetative cycle of the plant.

In spring, the adults lay eggs on the flower buds which will then be destroyed by its larvae. In summer and with good temperatures, they directly attack the grape by producing erosion and holes in the plant, inviting other unwanted guests like the fearsome Botrytis cinerea, a necrotrophic fungus.

And what do we do at Grifoll Declara to combat this pest without applying phytosanitary methods? We use the “Sexual Confusion” method.

This is how it’s done: We use sexual confusion traps which keep grape moths from invading the vineyard. This 6-centimeter-long biodegradable tape releases a high dose of female pheromones to confuse the male moths and to prevent them from finding their mates.

It’s better to “confuse” than to exterminate.

Vineyards shape important ecological systems, and we must respect this. Only if we take care of our environment and we respect its cycles, will it take care of us in return. We are proud to be working with this sustainable system.

Viticulture – by hand and with a lot of patience

Sloping Vineyards

Located at differing altitudes within the municipality of El Molar, our vineyards can be found at 110 meters above sea level as well at 565 meters. 

Most of our vineyards are located on steep slopes with a gradient of 10 percent. At some of our Fincas, the incline can reach up to 45 percent.

The steep terrain of this area makes it necessary to cultivate our vineyards on slopes, without mechanical help. For this reason, we follow the most traditional forms of cultivation.

The vineyards shape the landscape and have become part of the identity of our region. From our Priorat and Mountain Wines wineries, you can see what influences the personality of our wines, providing them with these outstanding characteristics that are so typical and exclusive to the El Molar area.