Winegrowers since 1736

Family history

Now in its fifth generation, the family-owned Grifoll Declara wine cellars were founded in 1880. However, historic documents show that the Grifoll family had been cultivating vineyards for their own consumption since 1736.

Several generations of the Grifoll family have been dedicated to the cultivation of vines, almonds and olive trees in El Molar. Today, the vineyards, olive and almond trees grow in 72 plots under the supervision of the fifth generation. He cultivates according to organic and traditional viticulture practices, using both the knowledge of his ancestors and the advantages of new technologies.

Several generations


Among the best 28 wine cellars in Spain

According to the Wine Enthusiast Magazine

With the 2001 vintage under the designation of origin of Montsant, “Tossals” was named as one of the top-ranking wines of the region in the most renowned international magazines.

Since its inception, the wine label has not only established an enviable reputation in the competitive wine market, it has also been awarded many national and international prizes and awards. In 2016, the US-based Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Grifoll Declara wine cellars as one of the best 28 wineries in Spain. 


1736 -

The first historic documents mention the Grifoll family as winegrowers.


1876 -

After the third Carlist War, the family achieved full ownership of the land they had worked on and paid for.


1880 -

The first cellar was built in the basement of the family house.


1920, 1957 -

Third and fourth generation.


1981 -

Roger Grifoll is the fifth generation. He´s the winemaker of Grifoll Declara.


1994 -

Launch of the first bottled wine.


1998 -

Located in the historical center of El Molar, the second family wine cellar was built.


2001 -

After completing the second winery, the wine cellars were renamed to “Cellers Grifoll Declara”, the name used by the current generation.
Josep Grifoll from Cellers Grifoll Declara was one of the founders of the Montsant D.O. (Denomination of Origin). In 2001, the first wines were made under the newly-created denomination of Montsant.


2006 -

We started to produce some of our wines under the DOQ Priorat.


2013 -

Located on the family-owned property “Les Solanes” in El Molar, the construction of the third wine cellar began in the zone of DOQ Priorat.


2015 -

We created an independent control center in El Molar, driven by a market need to increase the quality and control of our vineyards and wines.


2017 -

After removing the winery from the DO Montsant to seek more quality and control, we created an independent and external system of audit and quality control called “Mountain Wines”. It is backed by the Spanish and European governments.