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【Wines of D.O.Ca.Priorat】
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The winery is located in the residential area of El Molar. As far as the wine is concerned, both Denominations of Origin coexist in our village, due to its privileged location. There is also a Denomination of olive oil of Siurana origin in this area.
We have 3 wineries, two of them located in DO Montsant and one in the DOCª Priorat.

We from Grifoll Declara believe that we have to go with the time and we have thus created our logo, the dog, which is visible on all our products.

Grifoll Declara Merlot

Merlot Grifoll Declara

What is it an organic wine?

We are aware of the fact that over the years, health and environment have become increasingly important. As a result, wine producers all over the world are seeking to create more organic wines.

The legal definition and implementation of this term varies considerably from one country to another. Due to the ever-changing laws, we prefer to produce but not advertise our organic wine.

For a wine to be classified as “organic wine”, the grapes have to come from a vineyard that uses substances of natural origin, instead of chemicals that are commonly used in industrial production.
The basic idea is to take the “prevention rather than healing” approach of vine cultivation through which the creation of a bio-diversity and healthy soil with their characteristics, can be considered essential to be able to make the organic wine.
Another fundamental criterion is that the organic wines are produced without the addition of sulphur dioxide (SO2), although no country legally enforces this rule in its wine industry, a SO2 is still considered the more effective measure for the preservation of the wine. In the European Union, for example, a label may say “organic”, and allow a certain amount of sulphites in wine. Thus, even a wine that may claim to be organic, is not necessarily sulphite-free.

Although we advocate organic wines, we actually focus on the philosophy of traditional viticulture, as did our past generations, respecting nature; quality being our priority.


Since 1880

Oenology concept

Oenology traditionally begins with the fermentation. In our fermentation process only native yeasts are used and no other product is added to increase the colour and bouquet, etc. Consequently we aim to achieve a strong and clear difference between the different years, and by doing so, set the characteristics and particularities of every single year, despite having followed the same process.

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