DO Montsant

DO Montsant grifoll declara

DO MONTSANT(Denomination of Origin Montsant)

– Altitude: 220 to 300 meters
– Rain: 120 to 150 Liters/m²
– Mediterranean climate
– Varied the Land due to its geography: calcareous, sandy, clayey
– Grapes characteristics: generally small grape, with sparse density, and due to the its location, with concentration of wine components
– Characteristics of the wine: very concentrated, with expressiveness of the aromas and flavours
– Yearly grape production: 120’000 kg and 1’350 grams per vine
– On typical Montsant Land: soil is more sandy and there is less mineral-rich stone called Llicorella, with a little more moist soil which allows the retention of the materials and therefore a higher production

Vineyards and wine cellar of Grifoll Declara en D.O.Ca.Priorat

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