El Gos Blanc

El Gos

El Gos Blanc
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El Gos Blanc

Varieties : 80% White Grenache(vines 40 years)20% Macabeo(vines 30 years)
Alcohol content : 14% vol.
Origen : D.O.Montsant
Serving temperature: 10-12ºC

Nota :
White Grenache and Macabeo from old vines planted in “Loam” where the maximum minerality ofvariety and gives the wine a pure Mediterranean personality which together with the freshness make a very elegant wine with a lot of finesse.

Both grape varieties are vinified separately: White Grenache comes 40 year-old vines, and it is only harvested when the ripeness of the grapes ensures structure and varietal expression to the wine. The wine floral aromas and freshness.  Strict and meticulous selection of grapes on the vines. Manual harvesting in 15 kg boxes. Grapes maintained at 0ºC during   processing. Manual table selection. Soft destemming and vinification in 100 hl steel tanks. Naturally settled for 48 hours in order to keep primary aromas. Controlled fermentation process at constant temperature of 17ºC. After fermentation we do assemblage. Half the wine ages in french oak barrels of 225 litres for 25 days with its own lees, and the other half in tanks in order to extract the highest varietal expression.

Aromas sutiles con predominio floral -rosas blancas-, frutas blancas  -lichis- y notas minerales.Entrada en boca amplia y cremosa, con final fresco y mineral que le confiere elegancia.

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